Monday, November 7, 2011

Northern Vermont next to Canada

We drove eight hours to a new location.  Live in a town and village next to a lake where we will be experiencing lake snows, nice winds off the lake and big winter chills!!  It is already biting.  The missionaries before us told me to get spikes for the bottom of my shoes because the ice under the snow is deadly.  I have tall rubber boots that they left to wear in the extremely wet snow.  We are going to be out in the weather everyday, knocking on doors.

The Vermont Maple Syrup is even better than Maine's Maple Syrup.  It's the only sugar I use.  I'm learning how to cook with it and love it tons.  We know what a Maple Syrup Farm looks like.  It's a gravity process.  This area is mostly dairy farming with large fields of corn and grass for cattle and huge barns.

Our branch area is large and takes us close to Canada.  Our cell phones keep using towers in Canada and giving us extra $15 roaming charges.  Hope to visit the Montreal Quebec Temple soon.

We live in a much newer house.  It was build in 1900.  We actually have light switches.  We also have heat, hot water radiators, which work real well.  The last house only had light bulbs with pull cords in the middle of the ceiling.

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