Sunday, October 16, 2011

Last Week in ME

We are really being pushed to finish up in Maine.  We visited over 100 inactive families plus the regular active families in about 25 different villages. We moved 23 records of people we verified moved.  We wrote letters to find change of addresses.  Teaching 6 new investigators.  Are you tired yet, we are!! They really need couples in the mission field.  New England people are careful and cautious, it takes them a long time to make any commitment.  We love the maple syrup.  It is good on everything.  The fall colors are excellent.  The weather has been nice.  It is not very cold.  We spend most of our day driving between villages on bumpy narrow roads and count ourselves lucky if we have pavement.  The wild turkeys are ugly.  The deer are bigger than what I have seen other places.  Addresses don't exist.  Turn at the junction of this road and then over the hill next to the pink barn.  Past the school down the road on the right for a piece and left at the lake.  We haven't seen any moose or bear yet, but are told they come out at night and we hate driving the narrow roads in the woods at night.  We get lost a lot and then experience miracles.

We are being transferred to our own branch where we get to knock on doors!!  We are the only missionaries in a little larger area than here.  Vermont here we come, ready or not!!

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