Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vermont in the Winter (collecting Maple Sugar)

We have been surprised at how nice the weather has been.  Prayer helps!!!  We needed to travel our area and find all of the villages so that we didn't get lost in the blizzards, if they have a big ones like last year.  We did have one small storm the day we had district meeting, the day before Thanksgiving.  It was beautiful the way it stuck to the trees and make it look like a winter wonderland.  I forgot the camera!  By the time I got back home, the snow was melted.  It was very warm today (50 degrees).  Lots of people to talk to when it is warm.  We are getting use to the smell of cow fertilizer, skunks, and wood burning stoves.

The Joseph Smith visitors center is beautiful-they light it like temple square, have a nativity with live animals and actors.  It was not as beautiful as our new grandson, as you can easily tell, from this picture of him when he was a week old.

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